Hey There! 
I’m Kristy Anne Ligones a.k.a. KDLIG (Kay-Dee-League) I’m a Filipino freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer currently base in Dubai. I graduated with bachelors degree of Fine Arts, Major in Advertising Arts in University of San Carlos Cebu City, Philippines.
I used to work for an American Publishing company base in Cebu Philippines as a Picture Book Designer, then had a brief job as a Graphic Artist at a boutique advertising agency in Cebu called Studio 7, also ventured into freelancing for 3 years at my hometown in Cagayan de Oro city, before heading to Dubai to work as an in-house illustrator for Team Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency for 7 ½ years, and now I’m currently doing freelance for both illustration and Graphic design and hopefully fulfilling my dream on just making awesome personal work of art for myself and for those who have been following my stuff since I started.
btw if you hire me, make sure you hire me for my work, cuz I worked hard to put up samples of my stuff, and I'm paying for this website and domain, just for you to see if i'm the right one for the job, and please don't base my rate on my race, where I come from, the color of my skin nor my gender, if you're looking for someone that is cheap and can work for free, go learn how to design and draw on your own! 
(don't worry, i'm really a good person, just pay me and I will deliver the goods, then we're all happy people =D)

Skills :
can do both traditional and digital

Job scope:
Illustration, Graphic Design, and 2D animation

Adobe Illustrator              Adobe Animate CC
Adobe Photoshop                Adobe After Effects
Adobe Indesign                  Adobe Premiere Pro
Affinity Designer

Rough Animator

Perfect On Paper 2 (Cebu City Philippines) 2008
Perfect On Paper 3 (Cebu City Philippines) 2009
TubodFest (Cebu City Philippines) 2009
Girlaloo (Cebu City Philippines) 2009
WWA Gallery Presents: “The Devil Made Me Do It” (Culver City CA. USA) 2010
MEGA Vinyl DIY toy exhibit ( Dubai UAE) 2010
BAETULONA Project (Barcelona Spain) 2010
SILIPAN RINIGAN : Arts and Music Fest3 (Manila, Philippines) 2010
NIKE All for One, Trainer 1.2 exhibit (Niketown, New York USA) 2010
Philips Senso Touch 3D razor exhibit (Armani hotel, Dubai UAE) 2010
The Worlds Together exhibit (Marsam Mattar Gallery, Dubai, UAE) 2011
3KEEZ Illustration Exhibit (American University of Dubai, Dubai UAE) 2011
Ninh Nguyen Autum/Winter Collection - Artists collaboration (Michelson Studio: 163 Bank St., New York, USA) 2011
FILL IN THE GROOVE Vinyl Record Show 3 (Tempe, Arizona USA) 2011
The Sketchbook Project 2011 (The Brooklyn Art Library, New York) 2011
Inday Art Exhibit (Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines) 2011
EXPO FOR MATTIA (Italy) 2011
GENIUS (Illustration) Exhibit (Dubai) 2012
The Sketchbook Project 2012 (The Brooklyn Art Library, New York) 2012
MEGA Vinyl DIY toy exhibit ( Dubai Mall , Dubai, UAE) 2012
NEW ERA (Dubai, Al Serkal) 2012
THE NOOKA NOOKA Art Attack 2012
SOLE DXB (Dubai , Al Serkal) 2012
DESIGNERS OF ASIA (Kyoto, Japan) 2012
WILD THINGS (illustration) (Dubai, FN designs Gallery) 2013
MEGA Vinyl DIY toy exhibit ( Dubai Mall , Dubai, UAE) 2013
SIKKA ART FAIR 2013 DrawDeck exhibit 2013
Artist Alley MEFCC (Middle East Film & Comic Convention) 2012-2014
STREET CON Street Art Connection 2014
Flora & Fauna Exhibit Cagayan de oro philippines 2016
HOME  CU Art Gallery Cagayan de Oro Philippines 2017
Cebu Graphic Design Week (Futurism Exhibition) 2018

VISUAL 2009 Conference (Cebu City, Philippines) 2009
VISUAL ARABIA Conference (Dubai, UAE) 2013
AD:MISSION 2013 Connective Creativity 2013
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