Another vector piece, I got inspired from the scene where she took and kidnapped her father's gnome, it was dark and she was sneaking through her father's garden, it was a funny scene, Jean the director, seem to have made fun with it like he's showing Amelie's very dark-ish side on this scene cuz she's like trying to do something bad or what, so that's how i made her face looking like she's plotting something evil, and the gnome who seems to look alive here, got no idea on what's going on Amelie's head.
i wanted to make a very different style of digital art here, i usually do vector and more known of doing it than digital painting. This is my funny interpretation of the two characters, Amelie and Nino, where they got connected through the stranger from the photo-booth.
This one is a vector piece, i had fun doing it, since i'm able to add almost all of the characters that surround Amelie, from her childhood through her present. To add a funny twist to it, i made it more caricature like, and made Amelie's face a bit annoyed, with all these people around her, how can she find time to find happiness for herself.
using only 4 (CMYK) ordinary colored pencils

I was trying to steer away from the very vivid, red, green and orange dominant colors from the film, so it matches the traditional feel, more simple and raw, it also depicts a more dramatic side of amelie's character.
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