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Tsinelas "Welcome to Kamote City" album cover design
They weren't sure whether to include the bandmates characters alongside the characters for their songs, since they've been having some changes on their line-up, so i made two options for every design panel, with the band and without the band in it. 
One of the bandmates suggested to have all the characters on each song's cover illustration to be put in one large scenario, and make it look like a made up city, which reflected on their album title "Welcome to Kamote City" , Kamote is sweet potato in english. They wanted to look things very chaotic, and noisy, which reflects their raw, and punk style.
CD Mock up
in 12 page - French fold square CD Sleeve Mock up, where we can unfold to see the big illustration on the other side, I left a huge space on the other one, where they can place the band info and lyrics if they desired to.
Vinyl record Design Mock up
these are the illustrations I did for each songs, some of them are already available at their spotify account. I had the freedom to interpret their songs, and the band was happy with the results.
OTANGINA                                                                                                OI
JAPAN                                                                                                DISLOCATED
DARK WHITE                                                                                            INDAY
KIROT                                                                                          NETWERKING
MOVE ON MARATHON                                                                                AMANDA
AMPALAYA                                                                                           BREAKER
MAYONNAISE                                                                                   SANDER
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